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De'Longhi Bean to cup coffee machine able to make espresso coffee, drinks, cappuccino, and many other things. This machine has more than enough automatic devices. There is an incomparable method for beans to distill that chafing coffee beans’ ability. At first brewing distilling for highly redolent espresso. The usage comes decorated with 2 stainless-steel. The kettle provides fantastic heat service and there is also a reheat function. That is can keep the machine at best heat. There is no matter how long the interval interim cups. In extra its smooth rattle grinder automatically chafing beans and can be set to an adopting grinding level. But this can be used with container coffee is put forward. The one features a monopolistic cup effort to keep cups hot before use. After 3 hours it automatically stopped for its security.
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After I did a little research, and relying on customer ratings (thank you people who write in!), I ordered this. I am so happy with this purchase. I just don't like regular coffee that much unless it is a really good bean roasted exactly how I like it. I ordered Lavazza Super Crema Espresso beans to use in this machine. I love lattes. The result--after this DeLonghi Magnifica automatically makes my espresso and I froth a 3rd of a 12 ounce cup of milk-- is a very smooth yet nicely bold cup! You can choose how much water to go into your cup--the machine automatically adds more or less beans to the hopper. I'm glad I didn't go for the machine with a hand tamper for the coffee. This is so easy. It does take about 5 minutes for me to make my coffee in the morning. Previously, I would just make my coffee the night before in my drip machine and simply press the button in the morning (I am not a morning person and want things done QUICKLY in the morning--I also take breakfast on the go). So, I thought that I might not like the extra effort it takes to actually froth the milk then rinse the milk spouts. I love the process for some reason. If you are thinking, like myself, that you are not an expert at all, this is the machine for you. Also, I only drink about 1 to 2 good cups of coffee a day, and I want that cup to be great. This serves that purpose perfectly. I even ordered some pre-ground decaffeinated Lavazza to drink in the evening. I ordered the pre-ground because the beans in the hopper just sit there--I fill it up with my regular (not decaf) coffee beans. So, in order to have decaf, I would maybe have to empty that out. However, there is an option on this machine for the ground coffee, and that is what I do when I want decaf in the evening. This is one of the best purchases I have ever made! Some people will spend $500.00 on a paddle board or kayak and not use it every day. I figure, since I look forward to this every day, it is well worth it!!! I am not paid for this review. This is, I think, the first review I have ever written.
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